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Ok but look how evil those lil’ rays are

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We have a frog and a pig


a rabbit and a promiscuously drawn woman


a donkey and a dragon


a shape shifting dog and a rainbow unicorn


these two


and a warthog with a meerkat who raise a lion cub


But no one will ever accept the Bee Movie


I thought this was gonna be about gay couples but gee was I mistaken

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You could at least notice that I’m fucking upset and hurt and stressed since I didn’t get another job that I was really counting on getting so that I can keep fucking supporting your lazy self who can’t apply to his own jobs

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Oh sorry that I’ve been busy doing everything for you to make appointments for us to get tested. And sorry I didn’t wake up 3 hours early so I could wake you up at your pace and you could casually not get ready for an hour so we could register for walk in times. Sorry you can’t be a fucking adult and you can’t do shit for yourself when I’ve been sick for the last week and stressing out over finals while you’ve literally had nothing going on in your life. For fuck’s sake.

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[I am sick of being expected to find your (misogynist/racist/homophobic/cissexist/ableist/rape) jokes funny to prove I have a sense of humor.If you want me to laugh, make better]lesleypowers:

No but seriously stop


[I am sick of being expected to find your (misogynist/racist/homophobic/cissexist/ableist/rape) jokes funny to prove I have a sense of humor.

If you want me to laugh, make better jokes.]


No but seriously stop

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Me, when faced with biphobia.


Me, when faced with biphobia.

Text 14 Apr 19,350 notes Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can mobilize an entire society in violent hate against me.



Language is never neutral. 

"Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence." - Toni Morrison

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i’m not queer or trans, why won’t you let me into your club for queer and trans people. i don’t understand. not being queer or trans has helped me get into every other other club

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